TOP 5 data engineer jobs

The field of engineering has definitely been in the spotlight lately, as the profession of data processing engineer is gaining momentum and becoming very popular and in demand. It’s even gotten to the point where the number of job openings exceeds the number of specialists and that too is becoming a problem. In this article, we will cover the top five data engineer jobs and what their duties should include.

Who is Data Engineer?

The data engineer is an extremely modern profession. If you delve into the statistics, it’s easy to see the fast-growing data processing engineer job openings that have grown by 50% since 2019 and will continue to grow. Data engineers work and process data in order to extract from it something useful for business growth, depending on the field in which they work. Data streams are constantly growing, and the company collects it and uses it to manage business intelligence dashboards and other business processes. The company designs a platform on which data from a variety of sources is stored and processed. Data creates an environment in which employees can analyze it, expand ETL and optimize the ecosystem so that the flow of data analysis is continuous.

Experts believe that to fully handle such a huge number of tasks it is necessary to have two or three experts in this field for just one data analysis process. This can explain the large number of vacancies for the position of data processing engineer.

What are the main professional skills?

To understand what employers want from their data processing workers, it’s worth looking at their requirements on data engineer jobs search sites. In total, the main requirements of employers are:

  • An understanding of how all data processing processes work, including infrastructure structure, data platform and data pipeline
  • Ability to manage data on any scale
  • Programming skills and use of best practices to solve problems with modern and unique solutions

Best 5 data engineer jobs

Below we list the five most in-demand engineering occupations data from job postings on designated sites.

    • Data Engineer – Advanced Machine Learning – The main requirement in this job is the ability to independently come up with a profitable solution that will create the best conditions for a business to thrive through possible model adjustments and computational performance
    • Data Specialist – Time Series Forecasting Expert – Here the employer needs someone at least expert level with excellent multivariate time series forecasting skills
    • Senior Architect – Machine Learning – this position requires you to work quickly and deliver valuable projects on time, as well as find solutions to improve the company
    • Data Engineer: Business Intelligence at IBM – analyzing and developing a Tableau dashboard with advanced computation, as well as regularly running unit tests to avoid any error
    • Data Scientist, Data Engineer at Google – a cross-functional and challenging position where you will work with big data and solve challenging problems using all known advanced technical methods