TOP 5 data engineer jobs

The field of engineering has definitely been in the spotlight lately, as the profession of data processing engineer is gaining momentum and becoming very popular and in demand. It’s even gotten to the point where the number of job openings exceeds the number of specialists and that too is becoming a problem. In this article, we will cover the top five data engineer jobs and what their duties should include.

Who is Data Engineer?

The data engineer is an extremely modern profession. If you delve into the statistics, it’s easy to see the fast-growing data processing engineer job openings that have grown by 50% since 2019 and will continue to grow. Data engineers work and process data in order to extract from it something useful for business growth, depending on the field in which they work. Data streams are constantly growing, and the company collects it and uses it to manage business intelligence dashboards and other business processes. The company designs a platform on which data from a variety of sources is stored and processed. Data creates an environment in which employees can analyze it, expand ETL and optimize the ecosystem so that the flow of data analysis is continuous.

Experts believe that to fully handle such a huge number of tasks it is necessary to have two or three experts in this field for just one data analysis process. This can explain the large number of vacancies for the position of data processing engineer.

What are the main professional skills?

To understand what employers want from their data processing workers, it’s worth looking at their requirements on data engineer jobs search sites. In total, the main requirements of employers are:

  • An understanding of how all data processing processes work, including infrastructure structure, data platform and data pipeline
  • Ability to manage data on any scale
  • Programming skills and use of best practices to solve problems with modern and unique solutions

Best 5 data engineer jobs

Below we list the five most in-demand engineering occupations data from job postings on designated sites.

    • Data Engineer – Advanced Machine Learning – The main requirement in this job is the ability to independently come up with a profitable solution that will create the best conditions for a business to thrive through possible model adjustments and computational performance
    • Data Specialist – Time Series Forecasting Expert – Here the employer needs someone at least expert level with excellent multivariate time series forecasting skills
    • Senior Architect – Machine Learning – this position requires you to work quickly and deliver valuable projects on time, as well as find solutions to improve the company
    • Data Engineer: Business Intelligence at IBM – analyzing and developing a Tableau dashboard with advanced computation, as well as regularly running unit tests to avoid any error
    • Data Scientist, Data Engineer at Google – a cross-functional and challenging position where you will work with big data and solve challenging problems using all known advanced technical methods

How to remove pre-installed software from your new PC

Congratulations on your new computer! Your expectations are at an all-time high and you’re looking forward to a fresh start and improvements on everything that went wrong before. However, the first time you look at the desktop of your new PC or laptop, you’ll notice a plethora of shortcuts already installed such as nocompromisegaming or games and antiviruses. They are nothing useful and just clutter up your system aimlessly, turning your new computer into a battle of the advertisers. This article will tell you how to remove previously installed applications on your new PC.

The first way to fix it: Clean installation

All the assortment that comes with Windows 7 is very much geared toward the familiar and much-loved malware. Since OEMs create their image of Windows 7 during production, their users have a couple of options. 

Microsoft’s software restoration service gives you a clean install on your computer, so you can easily reinstall Windows using a USB drive or DVD image.

So first we need to find the certificate of authenticity on the PC itself, as it contains the personal key which has 25 characters and is usually represented in the form of a rectangle. After that go to the recovery page and read the items in the bulleted list. Lead your key and take the USB/DVD Download Tool instructions to continue.

The second way: Targeted removal

Remove all malware so that you can forget about this problem forever. You can do this with your favorite antivirus, but as an example, we will use the free software Revo Uninstaller because the built-in application, in this case, does not always help. 

In the grid of icons, mark the applications to be removed and then select medium or advanced uninstall mode. After that, follow the above instructions. This process must be repeated for each application and after each uninstallation scan of the system. After this cleanup, download the free AdwCleaner PUP removal tool to scan and clean your PC again, it won’t take long. Reboot your computer to complete the action.

Third way: Refresh and reset

Modern Microsoft operating systems have “upgrade” and “reset” functions, there is even a factory reset option. In principle, this could be a great solution since this reset updates the system and deletes all applications, but this action does not kill malware. Therefore, the developers have created custom recovery images with which you can also uninstall preloaded applications on your new PC.

Method four: New start screen

The both beloved and detested home screen is also in danger for the pre-installed Windows Store-style apps (previously believed to be Metro / Modern UI). Luckily, you can quickly dispose of them: just right-click and choose “Uninstall”.


How to remove virus from Android

Has your phone become too independent and does things without your command? Is it downloading unnecessary apps? Locks and slows down? There is a high probability that your system is infected with viruses. This is quite common as android viruses multiply every second. Our phone stores a lot of sensitive data and attackers are well aware of this. So if you find a virus on your android our article describes a few methods that can help you.

The easiest way to remove a mobile virus

If the virus has not yet had time to harm your system and your phone is functioning normally, then the easiest way to remove the virus software is to use the installed on your phone antivirus.

All you need to do is run a full scan of the flash memory and if it detects the virus you just need to press the “delete” button and save the disinfected copy to the quarantine (just in case the antivirus is mistaken for a virus and something you need). But this method will not always be reliable, because most viruses resist its elimination with all their might. But there is a solution for every case which can help you to understand how to remove virus from Android. Further, we will consider such cases as:

  • antivirus does not start, does not detect or does not remove the source of the problem;
  • the device (or its functions) is blocked

Uninstalling malware in safe mode

If the situation does not allow you to clean the system in normal mode, you should do it in safe mode. As a rule, viruses do not manifest themselves in safe mode and therefore do not resist their removal. 

To go to safe mode, hold down the phone’s power button until the “Go to safe mode” message appears on the screen and then press OK.

In the case of older android versions, you need to restart the phone and when the Android logo appears on the black screen, press the volume down and volume up keys simultaneously. 

In safe mode, scan the phone with antivirus and when viruses are detected, remove them.

Uninstalling the malware via Android Commander

Android Commander is a program that facilitates file exchange between your android and your PC. When you run it on your computer you will have access to your gadget’s memory and will be able to copy, move and delete any data. But to have full access, you must first get root rights and enable USB debugging. It is activated through the service application “Settings” – “System” – “Developer Options”. 

After that, you connect the gadget to your computer via USB and run the Android Commander application. The directories of your cell phone are displayed in the right half of the Android Commander window. Look for the application installer file (with .apk extension) that is causing the trouble and uninstall it. Optionally, you can copy the dubious folders from your mobile phone to your PC and scan each of them with an antivirus.


Best unlimited data plans in 2021

When buying a new, more modern, and powerful phone, you need to make sure that that you receive the best value from your plan for the money you’re paying for it. But even when you’re still using the same phone, you should check your wireless charges on your plan from time to time. Phone operators are regularly updating and changing their plans, and as long as you’re using the same plan, your carrier may have a better offer. In this article, we will describe the best-unlimited data plans today.

Mint Mobile Review

Mint Mobile is the best deal you can find if you’re looking for a plan for budget cell phones. Pay $15 a month and get 4GB to use. For people who don’t use mobile Internet often, 4GB will be enough to meet their basic needs.

 The only thing that may seem inconvenient about this plan is that after 3 months of use the operator will claim your subscription for the whole year rate so that you can continue to save the amount of $15 and not pay more.

Verizon Review

Verizon is offering its customers the use of 15 GB for $45 a month, which is much more powerful than the plans that the company offered before. This is a prepaid plan that also has discounts, for example, if you keep the prepaid plan for 3 months you can save $5. 

After another 9 months, the operator will take $5 off your auto-pay, which in turn means that after 10 months you’ll be paying $35 for the same 15GB. It’s also worth noting that in addition to the great deals, Verizon also has decent speed and coverage.

AT&T Review

AT&T offers the best unlimited mobile data plan for $85 a month. That’s a pretty high price, but it’s all for a reason. The fact is that the operator has a big advantage in the form of free access to HBO Max, which is the best streaming service. 

Plus, this unlimited plan allows you to have access to the operator’s 5G network, and so it becomes clear that the plan is rightly worth its price.

T-Mobile Review

T-Mobile combines the best value for money that allows you to have unlimited Internet access and calls for $ 70 a month. This is a fairly average price for an unlimited plan, and so it’s a bit limited in terms of additional features. But you can pay extra for them separately. 

Find out what extras this carrier offers to decide if you need them or not. But this plan also gives you unlimited access to priority data and free access to Netflix if you have two lines on your plan.

Visible Party Pay Review

Visible Party Pay is a family plan for $100 a month. This is a very good deal because you meet your needs while saving money and providing the plan to your family, or not necessarily even your family. Team up with your friends or acquaintances and get a discount on each line.