Powerful Boardvantage Tool for Board of Directors Meetings

Nowadays, board of directors meetings are one of the most progressive and effective means of distance work, resorted to by people who keep up with the times.

What Should You Know About the boardvantage Tool for Board of Directors Meetings?

As part of board meetings development policy in transition countries, it provides advice to companies, banks, governments, and other organizations on how to strengthen corporate governance practices to attract investment, improve operations and stability during times of financial turmoil. The publication of this manual is another milestone in IFC’s efforts to implement the best corporate governance standards.

Thanks to the powerful board management tool for the board of directors meetings you will be able to:

  1. Assess your strengths and weaknesses in relation to boards of directors in today’s environment.
  2. Formulate a list of industries and companies that best suit your competencies.
  3. Update your current positioning to enhance your expert look.
  4. Conduct an audit and activate contacts in your own network that will help you advance in the new digital environment.
  5. Get the latest information from professionals in personal positioning, executive search, and career advancement.

Among other priorities of the board vantage tool for the board of directors meetings are the formation of a roadmap to improve the organization of the business process and improve management in business institutions using digital technologies; development at the central level of a number of unified board registers; functioning of board information systems, by means of which various statistical and administrative information is collected, processed, stored.

The Main Advantages of the Virtual Board Meeting as the Most Powerful Board Vantage

An effective board of directors is a necessary prerequisite for successful corporate governance and stable development of the company’s business. The content of the tasks that the board of directors sets for the management, what questions it asks during meetings, and how carefully it checks the information, as a result, the performance of the company depends.

The main boardvantage are:

  • The high degree of interactivity – workers are involved in the learning process, ask questions to explain unclear points, which are immediately answered.
  • Unlike a regular workshop, board meeting participants receive a recording at the end of the workshop, which can be used later to consolidate the material. The board meeting entry is issued even to those who did not have time to connect to it.
  • Significant time savings. Participants and lecturers do not need to spend time on the way to the seminar venue. In addition, they can be located in different cities or even countries. You can attend the board of directors meetings from a convenient place – on vacation, at home, or in the office.
  • Save money. The cost of the board meeting is much lower than an open seminar. In addition, there is no need to spend on travel, food, and accommodation. And the costs of organizing an online seminar are minimal and related to the organization of the workplace.
  • Ability to maintain anonymity. Participants in the same board meeting may not know about each other’s identities.
  • The board meeting is a great tool for online training and marketing tasks. At the presentation of a new product, brand, or at the beginning of rebranding, the expert can hold a webinar, which will answer all questions, explain important aspects, conduct a survey and receive live feedback from customers.