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Business Software for Board of Directors, Managers, and Administrators

Board management software is a web application that combines task, session, and project management for efficient collaboration of collegial bodies. This article will explain how business leaders can benefit from using boardrooms.

Board software: productivity of remote board of directors

Effective collaboration and higher productivity are undoubtedly important success factors for every board of directors. Remote work was not really established in many corporate cultures and industries before the health crisis. Companies have had to adapt quickly and organize their everyday work virtually in the last year. It is not always easy to manage teams and projects remotely. There is a lot of activity going on between meetings that are difficult to follow unless you are a part of it. A circumstance is reinforced by working from home or «home office.» To take this into account, virtual software solutions have developed a function for collaborative workspaces. The workspaces are groups of people with whom meetings, tasks, or files are shared. These workspaces provide structure and an overview of the progress of ongoing tasks. They also enable improved and comprehensible communication for everyone involved. Thanks to technological advances, adopting video conferencing tools like board software has never been easier.

The benefits of the board management solutions

According to, the boards, managers, and administrators can get the following benefits using board portals:

  • More opportunities 

Board software helps you streamline meetings, gather information, and disseminate that information to members. The digital platform gives leaders more opportunities to share their perspectives and ideas. A messenger service would be an ideal solution for this. Because executive members are accustomed to communicating with each other before, during, and after meetings, a secure and self-contained communications system must be part of the board portal software. It allows senior management members to express their opinions and thus improve the decision-making process. In addition, the portal keeps executives organized and engaged as they can use the tool to view and search historical news.

  • Avoiding distractions

In reality, the digitization of assembly processes does not always lead to more efficient collaboration. Distractions abound in the digital world, and anyone who uses a smartphone knows how addictive the small screen can be. Executives recognize that meetings can be highly fluid processes, with meetings requiring instant updates of information and rapid communication. Expectations for efficiency are high, leaving no room for session disruptions or occasional technology glitches. A flat solution like an iPad app for a board platform can improve the engagement of business leaders. Individual leaders can use digital post-it notes to jot down questions or ideas as agenda items are discussed. A good platform includes flexible features such as direct voting, exchanging messages, and accessing important documents. It leads to an acceleration and simplification of the administrative processes.

  • Protection of sensitive data

Of course, a board portal must ensure that authorized recipients can only view confidential data. A board portal is not just a secure distribution channel; it is also a safe and effective tool for executive members to collaborate and communicate before, during, and after meetings. As an additional security measure, a board portal can eliminate the devastating consequences of losing a tablet PC or other device: a built-in function allows the tool’s administrator to permanently and securely delete documents remotely.

  • Customer support is always available

As with many new digital tools, organizations need to get used to the software. No matter how easy a tool is, it always takes a while to get used to the more complicated functions. Therefore, users have the support of experts at their disposal.